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The Console Wars - A Circumstantial Loyalty

The Console Wars – A Circumstantial Loyalty


The console wars have dominated the gaming industry for years now. The battles were fierce, the fights bloody, and the war one we will remember for years. Sonic and Mario may now play in the Olympics like good friends, but older gamers remember the bitter rivalries between Nintendo Knights and Sega Soldiers. That console war was so momentous that they are even planning to make a film based on…

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Breaking it Down: Nintendo’s Smash Centric Direct

Breaking it Down: Nintendo’s Smash Centric Direct


A lot of news regarding the new Smash Bros. games was revealed in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, so let’s talk about how it will all affect the finished product.

Awhile back I talked about what the new Smash Bros.had to do to the entice audiences to purchase both the 3DS and WiiU version, after watching Tuesdays Smash-centric Nintendo Direct it would seem the big N was well aware of this…

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Mastering Interview-Fu

interview fu cover

Hey all you game journalists out there! Do you feel like you’re not going anywhere with your writing? Are you tired of writing articles that everyone else has already done? Do you want to drool in the company of important people in the games industry… and get paid for it? Look no further, because Nathan Meunier is the Mr. Miyagi of games journalism and he just came out with a new book.


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Apr 5

Licensed Games: The Good and the Bad

Licensed Games: The Good and the Bad


It’s no secret that licensed games are not very good, in fact they’re commonly awful. They’re often made in a short amount of time to capitalize on movie releases or television crazes. Despite the poor quality, they sell well due to the casual audience’s general lack of knowledge regarding quality. Recently there have been a string of well made and high quality licensed games, titles such as Sou…

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Virtual Reality and You

Virtual Reality and You


With the recent announcement of Sony’s Project Morpheus, we can see that the big names are looking at virtual reality again. And with the Oculus Rift being so popular before even being available to consumers, it’s understandable. Although it all may seem bright and optimistic, the industry has been in this situation before. In 1995 Nintendo released the Virtual Boy, a table- video game console.…

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Star Wars - Why Do They Make Such Great Games?

Star Wars – Why Do They Make Such Great Games?


The Star Wars franchise is beloved by kids, adults and merchandise merchants alike. I mean, people even follow the Jedi religion! If that doesn’t mean Star Wars is a big deal then I don’t know what does. Star Wars has come a long way since its first film back in 1977, back before Hollywood learned the dangers of having an original idea.

Like just about every other franchise with a lot of…

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Where are the Hard Games ?

Where are the Hard Games ?

Last week I discussed my strong dislike towards tutorials, specifically in current generation games. In keeping with that theme I would like to pose a question similar to last week’s, are modern games too easy ? When Dark Souls 2 was recently released a friend of mine excitedly bought it day one. He brought it over and a group of us gave it a go. Now I won’t say we’re pro gamers by any means but…

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Epic Game Battles of History: The Wind Waker VS Ocarina of Time

Epic Game Battles of History: The Wind Waker VS Ocarina of Time


Now, if you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, it’s highly likely you played the two best instalments of the entire franchise: The Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. These two games stole the hearts of eager fans mere seconds into the game. I know, I was one of them. If any of you have an O- blood type then give me a call.

Ocarina of Time was the first real Zelda game to feature on a home console, 3D and…

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We Won’t Get the Best of Virtual Reality

We Won’t Get the Best of Virtual Reality

yardwork simulator

Note: I feel that the role of virtual reality is to bring a new level of immersion to games, so while it might not be the most accurate thing to do, when I reference virtual reality in this article I am talking about technologies that aim to achieve this.

The future is now! The Oculus Rift is looking better every day and Sony just revealed their new virtual reality headsetnamed after Lawrence…

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Deadpool: A Memoir of Awesome

Deadpool: A Memoir of Awesome

Deadpool rocket ride

Have any of you guys heard of the Deadpool video game?

“Of course they have you d!ck head!”

You mind toning it down?

“HELLO! It’s the internet! Swearing is the mother-tongue!”

Wait, who said that?

“It’s me!!! Everyone’s favorite Marvel Anti-Hero Deadpool!”

Deadpool? What are you doing in my article? How are you talking to me while I’m writing this?

“Don’t you worry your shit for brains video…

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