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Elminage Gothic: Accessibility and Other Thoughts

Elminage Gothic: Accessibility and Other Thoughts

Elminage Gothic Featured

I recently played a game called Elminage Gothic, a remake of a Japanese dungeon-crawler game on the PSP. The game tells the story of a world being torn apart by the higher powers within the universe. A contract between humanity and the gods kept the world safe from dark forces, but as time went on the peace went away.

I was initially supposed to do a review for this game but I’m not going to.…

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Let’s Talk About the Fine Young Capitalists

Let’s Talk About the Fine Young Capitalists

Disclosure: The author of this article has donated $5 to the IndieGoGo campaign described below and in exchange for the donation will be receiving a copy of the finished product. He also occasionally visits /v/ threads. 

Have you ever found yourself thinking about women in games? So much of the market is dominated by men that it’s…

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Remakes and Re-Releases

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

The first video game I remember playing was Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I’ll never forget holding that uncomfortable rectangle controller in my tiny hands as I watched in amazement a little red man jumped on turtles and walking mushrooms. So naturally when the New Super Mario Bros.was released for the 3DS in 2006 I was ecstatic, the same old levels I remembered with an updated look. Then 3…

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Gamescom 2014


Usually after big events I like to go over the highlights of the major press conferences and talk about other big announcements. This time I’m going to try something different, let’s talk about what stood out. The good things and bad things. So without further delay, let’s dive in!

How Awesome Does Quantum Break Look? Complete with your standard male protagonist staring box art.

Complete with your standard male protagonist staring box art.

Wow. That’s all…

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Nepotism, Censorship and a Breach of Trust

Nepotism, Censorship and a Breach of Trust

TotalBiscuit Reddit

Right now there are allegations of an indie game developer sleeping with members of the games media who later in turn gave positive coverage of the game. I make it a point to say “allegations” because I cannot attest to what capacity they are true or untrue. There are a lot of issues within the game industry and the game journalism community raised by this. To be clear, none of them are about…

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Aug 6

The Summer Slump

Far Cry 3 Beach



Cinemas love the summer. Kids are off school, teens are taking part-time jobs giving them money to spend and the good weather inclines people to get out of the house. But more importantly, the summer blockbusters. Since the 90s the summer has been unanimous with big scale action movies or gut-wrenching comedies that rake in the big bucks. In contrast, video games seem to take a break…

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Live At The LCS

Live At The LCS


I’ll always remember my very first live sporting event. It was a hockey game, my dad got free tickets for my brother and myself. I was instantly swept up in the uproarious excitement of the thousands of fans sitting amongst myself. It only escalated when the players hit the ice, the chanting and cheering of players’ names when they made a play or big hit had me mesmerized. The players themselves…

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I Want to Live a Sheltered Life

I Want to Live a Sheltered Life

What do I love most about the 50s? I’m a big fan of The Twilight Zone but the cars they had back then were pretty great too. I think if I had to choose a favorite feature of the decade it would be the looming threat of nuclear annihilation. It looks like Unicube agrees with me, because their upcoming game Sheltered takes that concept and runs with it into an underground bunker.

Shelteredis a game…

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Why Are We So Fixated on Graphics ?

Why Are We So Fixated on Graphics ?

Is it just me or are gamers nowadays more fixated on graphics than gameplay and story? I can’t go to a forum without seeing an argument over graphics. We need not to look further than the hotly debated topic of the same title running 1080p native on PS4 and 720P native on Xbox One. Honestly, who cares? Unless you were to inspect each frame with a magnifying glass we wouldn’t be able to tell the…

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Pale Blue is a Beautifully Dark Game from Indonesia

Pale Blue is a Beautifully Dark Game from Indonesia

Pale Blue Ellen

Forget being a hero. To hell with straddling the line between good and evil. You’re a monster and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Pale Blueis an upcoming 2D sidescroller that takes you to the dark side and makes you like it. You play as Ellen, an abomination created by the evil COCOON organization to destroy the world and rebuild it as they see fit. Are you ready to be on the winning side…

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